Frequently Asked Questions


What Can I expect on the self care retreat?

The Self Care Retreat is curated as a space for women to release, relax, and unwind. Our five day retreats will host our attendees on a beautiful international or local retreat destination with day sessions on self care, manifestation, and learning how to tap back into your define feminine energy. Guests will enjoy three meals a day, optional excursions, and spa services, and will be provided with materials for journaling.


does the self care retreat provide options for my diet?

On The Self Care Retreat, we strive to make sure our guests are served a food selection that meets their diet restrictions. We offer meals for meat eaters, pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans.


Do i have to be a mom to attend the self care retreat?

You do not have to be a mother to attend The Self Care Retreat. This retreat is open to women with or without children.


Our resort locations are located outside so there is the possibility that you will see wildlife while attending The Self Care Retreat. Our resorts may also have their own pets included but not limited to birds, dogs, or cats.

What about wildlife and animals?


No, all participation in sessions and excursions are completely optional.

am i required to participate in the excursions?


Yes! Most of the women who attend our retreats are coming alone. It provides you the opportunity to meet new people and only be responsible for your own healing while attending the retreat.

I don’t know anyone else coming. Should i still attend the self care retreat?


Yes, our retreat locations will have internet access. Internet will most likely be available in the common areas.

will i have internet access?